Soccer Expenses

New Uniforms

This year our program needs to buy new uniforms for the Varsity teams. The uniform to the left will be our new home Jersey. The new away jersey will be white. . If we want to bring our program up to the next level, we have to put the work in on and off the field. We appreciate your help in covering these expenses.

Balls and Equipment

It is important to have nice equipment for the program, including balls and training equipment. These are not free unfortunately.

General Expenses

League Fees, refereeing expenses, travel etc. - it all costs money. Unfortunately everything is expensive nowadays and we really need to have everybody on board with trying their best to meet the suggested donation. I don't like asking for money any more than the next guy, but it would be great to get the funds taken care of early so that I don't have to spend time during the season chasing money and thus can spend time improving the program. I believe the suggested donation last was approx $300. Considering the price of club soccer this is a bargain with excellent coaches and a comprehensive program. Please help us to build the excellent program this school deserves.