DVHS 2-0 College Park

About the Varsity Program

Skill & Technique

This portion of our program will be focused on improving first touch, dribbling technique, shielding the ball etc. 

Understanding the Game

We will spend time in the classroom watching video and learning patterns of play, movement, and much more.

Hydration, Nutrition, & Sports Psychology

There is much more to building a soccer program than running drills on the field. We will help the athletes improve their preparation for training and games, as well as learning how to monitor their diets for everyday life.

Varsity Team 2018/2019


  1. GK - Max Gaasvik
  2. GK - Sam Bae
  3. DEF - Sterling Kung
  4. DEF - Hudson Price
  5. DEF - Vivek Annadata
  6. DEF - Robert Yeo
  7. DEF - Ryan Motta
  8. DEF - Lukas Bevilacqua
  9. MID - Andres Ibanez-Valdez
  10. MID - Nick Park
  11. MID - David Parkin
  12. MID - Raj Patel
  13. MID - Benjamin Brathwaite
  14. MID - Kwonjin Jung
  15. MID - William Li
  16. MID - Kenneth Kawamoto
  17. FOR - Mitchell Bryson
  18. FOR - Kirollos Semary
  19. FOR - Milo Tucker
  20. FOR - Daniel Bahamon

Thank You

Thank you to all who tried out. Please continue to play and support the sport we all love!

Donations for DVHS Men's Soccer

We need donations to run our program. Please think of us when assigning your charitable donations for this season. 

Come out and watch us!

Get behind your team this year! I know it is winter but come out and watch us this year. We will have hot beverages at the snack shack to keep you toasty while you cheer us on. Having people in the stands makes all the difference for these kids and will greatly enhance their experience. You may just have some fun too!

What makes soccer so great?

Soccer is a world sport. There is no other sport that is as global as our beloved game. In 2006, there were 270 million people playing soccer in organized leagues around the world. Developing a love of soccer is opening a door to be comfortable wherever your life or job may take you in the future. You will always find a friend and a way to communicate as long as you have soccer in your life.......oh, and of course - the game is a lot of fun! ~ Coach Rory