Junior Varsity Program


Development at the JV level is all about learning speed of play and game management whilst still improving skills. This is the age where tactical football should really kick in. To help with this, the JV team will train with the Varsity squad a large portion of the time.

Passage to Varsity

There will always be a couple of players who don't particularly want to move to Varsity, but for most playing JV that is the goal. Learning to play in a similar fashion and with similar understanding of the game will help our program progress as we will have a more successful pedigree of player coming through from JV annually. 

Hydration, Nutrition, and Sports Psychology

All the teams will study these to a small degree. I always try to prepare all the teams that I coach for the game. That means eating appropriately, working to stay injury free, Hydrating at all times, and learning to win the battle with your own mind!

Junior Varsity Squad 2018/2019


  1. Taylor Allen
  2. Rafee Rahmani
  3. Landon Vergara
  4. Dhruv Ahuja
  5. Michael Bernardo
  6. Aryan Bhide
  7. Marcus Cho
  8. Avi Khurani
  9. Joseph Mamondol
  10. Joshua Messing
  11. Mina Semary
  12. Tejes Srivalsan
  13. Joshua Tsai
  14. Timothy Wang
  15. Nicholas Adair
  16. Arman Danesh
  17. Junwoo Kang
  18. Young Kwon
  19. Maxwell Rector
  20. Zaid Slayyeh
  21. Alagu Subramanian
  22. Ever Subuyuj Xil
  23. Zihan Wang

Impact Testing

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