Injury Prevention Exercises

Injury Prevention - Why?

Soccer injuries, and particularly knee ligament tears, are on the increase in America. A large part of that is because we play a lot of games on artificial turf here and there is not the same give. When we turn, sometimes our cleats stick. The result is a twisted knee. Most common causes of knee ligament injuries are various knee twists.

It is important to strengthen knees in the hopes of avoiding these injuries. Girls tend to be more prone but it is just as important for boys to strengthen. 

Sanford Power Knee Injury Prevention

This is a link to a booklet Sanford Power Orthopedics have released and it is a very good regime. If any of our athletes want to play college, this is a good habit to get into early.

Strengthen Those Ankles

If you are a soccer player and you have never sprained an ankle, you are a rarity. Follow this link to some exercises to strengthen those ankles and help prevent sprains in the future.

Why Do Female Athletes Suffer More ACL Injuries than Males?

Soccer Specific Weights Program

Weight Training Specifically For Soccer (pdf)